The purpose of this program is to provide Pakistani women a place to live (house)
we understand that house + love is a home.
Among the many responsibilities that women undertake, their roles as child bearers and primary care givers are among the most influential ones, and as mothers they become important influences in the lives of their families at all levels. Thus, they can become agents of change given sufficient opportunity, exposure, and training.
Prepare them to work in handcraft  at home teaching all of them  how to organize their lives and become independent and Self sufficient women able to take care of their children.
The other purpose is to provide low cost health services to women and children.

Counseling in the following areas:

Pro-motive and Preventive Health Program.
The objective is to provide easily accessible and quality health care.
Pakistan is a developing country with a Estimated Population of Pakistan on Jan 16, 2013 181957567. Low literacy and high fertility coupled with poor economy translates into high morbidity and mortality. Women and children are the most vulnerable segments in terms of health.
Personal  adjustment, stress, anxiety, depression, self-stem, confusion, anger, lifestyle concerns, Provide consultation services regarding immunization, sexual health, and family planning.
Can further refer patients to Gynecologist and Sonographer. Through collaboration with a local hospital, also able to provide lab services at subsidized rates. Medication is dispensed free of cost. Some patients are referred to other hospitals according to their ailments. Patients who cannot afford the expense of treatment are helped through charity and provided with medication, food rations, and monthly milk supplies.

Interpersonal  relationships:

  • Individuals working together in the same organization.
  • People working in the same team.
  • Relationship between a man and a woman (Love, Marriage).
  • Relationship with immediate family members and relatives.
  • Relationship of a child with his/her parents.
  • Relationship between friends.

To children, many of the topics  written above, regular school, art program, and Islamic studies.

Psychological counseling for victims of child abuse will be introduced.

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