The woman is the strength of the earth.

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A mulher é a fortaleza da terra.
É ela a escolhida para gerar a vida, a razão desse planeta.O poder do feminino é incomensurável.
Este poder habita no campo das ideias, na capacidade de transformação.
A mulher é a agente transformadora e muitas vezes é ela que também se pergunta:Quem sou eu nesse mundo?
Encurtando distâncias aproximando os extremos, mulheres do Brasil estão sensibilizadas com os corações dispostos a conhecer e colaborar para modificar a realidade feminina contrastante do Paquistão focando a missão primeiramente em Lahore.

Mulheres brasileiras transformando vidas, semeando esperança com uma visão vertical.
A alegria em doar e reconhecer-se inserida no universo da compaixão, sensível a um universo feminino que implora por dignidade de vida para si e seus filhos.

Para as mulheres envolvidas na causa, a resposta é simples e direta.
Who Am I In This World ? Quem Sou Eu Nesse Mundo?

Você sabe que é uma mulher inserida no universo da compaixão,
sensível ao femininoque implora por dignidade de vida para si e seus filhos.


A True Love Story About Husband & Wife♥

A True Love Story About Husband & WifeA very poor man lived with his wife. One day, his wife, who had very long hair asked him to buy her a comb for her hair to grow well ‘n to be well-groomed.
The man felt very sorry ‘n said no.
He explained that he did not even have enough money to fix the strap of his watch he had just broken. She did not insist on her request. The man went to work ‘n passed by a watch shop, sold his damaged watch at a low price ‘n went to buy a comb for his wife. He came home in the evening with the comb in his hand ready to give to his wife.
He was surprised when he saw his wife with a very short hair cut.
She had sold her hair ‘n was holding a new watch band.
Tears flowed simultaneously from their eyes,
not for the futility of their actions,
but for the reciprocity of their love.

A little boy

A little boyA little boy, his grades were very low in school.. he went to his mother’s grave and said to her crying.. mother, please come with me.. the teacher hits me in front of the students and says your mother is careless and doesn’t take care of you! Be Careful my friend… Some words might Kill

Do not worry about tricks and cheaters.

Do not worry about tricks and cheaters  Do not worry about tricks and cheaters.
If some people are trying to trap and hurt you, Allah is also trapping them.
Hole diggers will always fall in their holes.
No bad remains unpunished, and no good remains without being awarded, So Have faith in Justice and let the rest be.